At the Hyperhidrosis Center, we measure our success* through patient satisfaction with the service and care we provide. We take great pride in hearing that our patients had a positive experience with us and are satisfied with our comprehensive center and staff.

See what some of our patients had to say:

“I’ve had an issue with sweating since I was about 15 years old. I first noticed it when I was a sophomore in high school. Perfect timing, right? That year, I wore a gray t-shirt for my first day of school—printed with the kind of saying that only a child of that age could appreciate—and I noticed in the middle of biology class (ironically) that I was sweating through my shirt.

I don’t sweat anymore, which is a drastic change from the way I used to be. Pretty pumped about that. I only have to wear one shirt a day, and I can finally wear gray again! I would definitely recommend miraDry to everyone who sweats too much, friends and family alike.”

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“My confidence is finally back. I never remember a time that I didn’t have sweaty hands, so now it is honestly a whole new world for me. Having such an unattractive condition completely gone makes me feel so much better.

I would recommend Dr. Caccavale and his practice to anyone with this condition (even if they had to travel 1,000 miles to see him). I could not have had a better experience and I feel so lucky to have met him. He has completely changed my life.”

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Thankfully, Mark was able to connect with our very own Dr. Jean-Philippe Bocage, becoming a sweat-free success story. Working with Dr. Robert Caccavale, Dr. Bocage performed a type of video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) known as a sympathectomy. The procedure gave Kelber a new lease on life just days after the procedure.

“It’s been a life changer…Now, my confidence level is even better than before, and I’m excited to make others aware of this procedure. It’s opened a million new doors for me.”

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I’ve always had an issue with deodorants.  I’ve had to use clinical strength ones most of my life and I have had to change them often because they would stop working. The chemicals in the deodorants/antiperspirants had me concerned about my health. It’s been two months since I’ve had the miraDry procedure by Dr. Caccavale and Dr. Bocage. It was an easy, painless procedure, with just a little soreness the next day and I’ve had such amazing results!  I have not worn nor needed deodorant since the procedure and as an added bonus I’ve had about 90% reduction in the hair growth as well! The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. I would and have highly recommended the Hyperhidrosis Center at Thoracic Group to family and friends who are tired of dealing with under arm odor and sweating.


What a relief to find the Hyperhidrosis Center! I’ve always felt very insecure about my underarms. When wearing certain fabrics, antiperspirants never seemed to solve the problem of odor and wetness. After learning about miraDry, I was eager to give it a try but was a bit nervous about having a “procedure.”

My experience at the Hyperhidrosis Center could not have been better! I was handled professionally, compassionately and was taken through a thorough educational consult before the procedure. Turns out I had nothing to worry about! The whole process was easy, went well and I had fantastic results. If you’re shopping around, look no further, you really can find the best quality and the lowest price in one place!


“First, the let me say that —as a mother— you always want the best for your kids. Watching my beautiful daughter suffer from hyperhidrosis and her once-outgoing personality shrivel into the corner of her room was overwhelming and devastating.

Four days. It took four days to end five years of torment for my daughter. Only four days to see her confident smile and outgoing personality return!”

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Kylie Ranck found her condition debilitating, and it kept her from participating in normal everyday things, such as finding a job.

“That was the worst,” the 20-year-old from Atlantic County said. “During job interviews, I would sit there with a paper towel in my hands, and after a minute the paper towel would be soaking wet.”

However, all was not lost: Dr. Caccavale had the solution Ranck desperately needed.

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I remember my hands dripping to the point where my papers would rip as I wrote.

I remember smearing the ink on the page with my hands, and being insecure when giving high fives to my friends.

But that’s exactly it: I only remember those things. Thanks to Dr. Caccavale and Dr. Bocage, those horrors of my everyday life have disappeared with a simple surgery. At a young age, I heard from dermatologists that the only cure to my excessively sweaty hands was Botox®. However, with further research, we found this incredible Thoracic Group that would make my dreams come true. After I met with the team they suggested a non-invasive surgery and made me feel very comfortable with the decision to go forward with the procedure.

The recovery was very quick and now, as a 16 year-old, I am able to live the rest of my life with only the memories of my sweaty hands.



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