Getting a Grip on Hyperhidrosis: How One Man’s Life Changed for the Better

In its summer 2016 edition, Healthy Directions magazine published an article on the trials and tribulations of a man living with palmar hyperhidrosis, and how the Hyperhidrosis Center at Thoracic Group resolved them. Mark Kelber, an ironworker/construction worker by trade, was severely hindered by the condition, making the participation in everyday activities both at work and at home a challenge.

“It affected my life in every way, from trying to avoid soaking the paper when I was writing something to handling equipment at work or holding my daughter’s hand,” states the 38-year-old Jackson resident.

Thankfully, Mark was able to connect with our very own Dr. Jean-Philippe Bocage, becoming a sweat-free success story. Working with Dr. Robert Caccavale, Dr. Bocage performed an endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS). The procedure gave Kelber a new lease on life just days after the procedure.

“It’s been a life changer…Now, my confidence level is even better than before, and I’m excited to make others aware of this procedure. It’s opened a million new doors for me.”

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