It Worked!!!

Dear Francesca and Dr. Caccavale,

First, the let me say that —as a mother— you always want the best for your kids. Watching my beautiful daughter suffer from hyperhidrosis and her once-outgoing personality shrivel into the corner of her room was overwhelming and devastating. I ordered every product under the sun that was available to help treat the problem and nothing worked. Watching her drop out of dance because she was the sweaty ballerina was heartbreaking.

volleyballWatching her pack two shirts when she was going out was upsetting. I felt helpless as she ran into the bathroom at every event to dry her underarms. Watching her wear a sweatshirt when it was 90 degrees out just because she couldn’t hear another word about her pools of sweat under her arms was the final straw.

So, I Googled and found your office for miraDry. Reluctantly, I called your office seeking some hope for my 12-year-old. The procedure sounded simple, but I was worried since this was my baby! We scheduled the procedure on Thursday, July 7. The hardest part was the injections of lidocaine. We had some swelling and some discomfort but nothing ice packs and Advil couldn’t fix.

By Monday, July 11, my daughter went to volleyball camp. An all-day camp filled with vigorous activity in a gym with no air conditioning! She texted me during her lunch break: “Mom… I don’t have to change my shirt!” She was ecstatic, and I could’ve cried. By the time she came home at 5 p.m., she had her arms in the air with that confident smile that I hadn’t seen in years. “No sweat, and I didn’t have to change my shirt at all today!”

Four days. It took four days to end five years of torment for my daughter. Only four days to see her confident smile and outgoing personality return!

I encourage every parent of a tween or teen not to hesitate and to get this miraDry procedure done. You will not regret it!

Thank you so much for your care and concern for my daughter with this procedure! We are thrilled!

~ Jennifer M.