The Hyperhidrosis Center at Thoracic Group Recognized as Leading Provider of miraDry®

The Hyperhidrosis Center at Thoracic Group is proud to be recognized as the leading provider of miraDry® in the state of New Jersey and the fourth-leading provider in the United States. Thanks to miraDry we have provided hundreds of patients with a permanent solution to underarm sweat and odor.

We saw miraDry as a safe, effective and convenient way to treat excessive sweating in the armpit (axillary hyperhidrosis).  This in-office treatment is performed after a local numbing technique and takes just over an hour to complete. Patients experience an immediate reduction in sweat and odor with little to no down-time.

We found that once the word got out about this technology, there were many people who were interested in having the treatment, not just those with clinical hyperhidrosis.  Whether it was to end the need for topical antiperspirants and the harsh chemicals they contain or to salvage white shirts from underarm stains – the reasons for miraDry were many.

To learn more about miraDry, the only FDA cleared solution for sweat, odor and hair reduction, please call our office (732) 798-7066 or visit our website at