Why It Matters Where You Go for Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Hyperhidrosis is a condition characterized by excessive sweating in one or multiple parts of the body, including:

  • Hands (palmar)
  • Feet (plantar)
  • Underarms (axillary)

With hyperhidrosis affecting approximately 3 percent of the worldwide population (or 180 million people!), this uncomfortable and inconvenient condition has garnered quite a bit of awareness—mostly because of the internet. As a result, more are acknowledging it as a medical issue, searching far and wide for centers and treatments that offer even the slightest hope of relief.

On their journey, they often come across us—the Hyperhidrosis Center at Thoracic Group. We offer a wide range of treatment for people living with hyperhidrosis with astounding success rates, making us the leaders in hyperhidrosis care.

Of course, our unique story sometimes presents a bit of a headscratcher. Managed by two thoracic surgeons, some may wonder: What do thoracic surgeons have to do with excessive sweating?

It’s simple: Our specialists pioneered the surgical procedure known as video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS), which is used to perform endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) to provide relief from excessive sweating. As word got out, more and more patients started visiting our practice, seeking VATS sympathectomies. It became evident to our renowned physicians, Drs. Caccavale and Bocage, that there was an underserved population, and they decided to open the Hyperhidrosis Center at Thoracic Group, a comprehensive center dedicated to hyperhidrosis treatment and care. The decision was based on the fact that nothing like it seemed to truly exist, and they wanted to help.

What Sets Us Apart From the Rest

With decades of experience performing minimally invasive thoracic surgery for various conditions—including ETS for hyperhidrosis sufferers—our experts have come to really understand what is needed in order to minimize negative outcomes and make these procedures true success stories. With time and experience, they have developed a highly selective patient process so patients may achieve their desired results.

After a personalized evaluation, our surgeons discuss with each patient if surgery is in their best interest, and provide patients the long-term follow-up and support they need after every procedure. That’s because we understand that a one-size-fits-all mentality often leaves patients with disappointing outcomes and gives the procedure a bad name. With our practice, safety and efficacy are of the utmost importance; we would rather consider alternate treatment options than perform a procedure on someone who we feel may not actually benefit from it.

In addition to ETS for palmar hyperhidrosis, we also offer miraDry, a hassle-free procedure designed to alleviate excessive underarm (axillary) sweating. We have performed numerous miraDry procedures with amazing success rates. Our patients have reported less bruising and swelling than standard and typically only require one treatment (whereas other facilities have suggested that two or more are needed for optimal effect). In fact, less than 10 percent of our patients have inquired about a second treatment!

Ultimately, we stand out because we care. At the Hyperhidrosis Center at Thoracic Group, we pride ourselves on delivering compassionate, quality care, ensuring our patients’ satisfaction. To experience the difference in our service, contact us today!