Getting a Jump on Sweat This Holiday Season

why millennials love miradryAs each shopping, family-filled day becomes shorter during this busy time of year, it grows colder outside as well. However, if you sweat a little more than the average person, that doesn’t mean that sweat becomes less of a problem; with the colder weather also comes heavy, thick fabrics to keep you from freezing as temperatures drop.

Keep reading to learn more about clothing fabrics that are ideal for those who tend to sweat a bit more and are looking to stay stain-free, dry and fashion forward.

Cold Weather No-Nos for Sweat

Here are a few fabrics you need to steer clear of, especially when you’ll be layering up in your battle against the cold:

Polyester-Based Fabric
Polyester has been highly regarded since its creation in 1941 as one of the most durable man-made fabrics. However, with durability also comes water resistance, which means that there is no perspiration absorption. So, while you won’t necessarily have a sweat-stain issue, you will be susceptible to a lot of moisture-related discomfort and potential skin irritation.

Though this particular fabric boasts about being a breezy fabric, the reality is that it’s no better than polyester, lacking the absorption and breathability the sweatier set need to keep dry.

Cotton/Spandex Combo
Though the cotton/spandex material combo is ideal for layering with those comfy, flexible leggings, the reality is that it could have you sitting in your own sweat. That’s because, despite containing the ever-breathing cotton, combining it with spandex effectively eliminates all of its sweat-happy properties.

Sweat-Friendly Holiday Fabrics

If you’re ready to stay warm (but not wet), here are a couple of options to consider:

It may sound odd, but wool is an ideal fabric for those who sweat. It doesn’t breathe like cotton, but it does work well for absorbing sweat. In fact, it’s better at wicking moisture away than any other fabric

(though, we recommended keeping a safe distance, just in case).

Like its cold-weather counterpart wool, fleece also has some magical moisture-wicking properties and is good for keeping cozy on a chilly day. In fact, fleece was created in 1979 as a man-made replacement for wool.

Ah, the tried-and-true cotton. While cotton may not be the first fabric that comes to mind when you think about keeping warm due to its breathability, it will still be ideal when it comes to layering (or as an option for a lovely holiday top for a party).

A Couple More Things to Keep in Mind When in the Cold

After choosing the fabric that’s just right for you, here are a couple of extra tips for staying fashionably cool:

  • Incorporate patterns and printed shirts into your wardrobe to disguise any stains
  • Indulge in loose sweaters for all of the breathability without any of the overheating
  • Steer clear of lighter colors that may expose sweat stains and stick to the darker, earthier tones of the seasons, such as browns, greens and blues

So, whether you just have a little extra sweat or even live with hyperhidrosis, you can still be your most stylish this holiday season.