Thoracic Surgeons Near Manalapan

Conveniently located near Manalapan, the award-winning surgeons at Thoracic Group have been proudly serving the Monmouth County area for over 40 years, providing comprehensive care for patients with thoracic conditions such as lung cancer, hyperhidrosis and myasthenia gravis.

Our world-class team of surgeons was among the first to perform video assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) over 20 years ago. Using this minimally invasive procedure to treat various conditions of the chest and lungs, the surgeons of Thoracic Group have successfully performed over 7,000 VATS procedures. In comparison to an open thoracotomy as a treatment option, the use of VATS procedures reduces the risk of complications and reduces recovery time.

Robert J. Caccavale, M.D.
Dr. Robert Caccavale

With expertise in thoracic oncology, Dr. Caccavale is board certified by the American Board of Thoracic Surgery in general thoracic surgery. In addition to his role as Chief of Thoracic Surgery Division at Somerset Medical Center, Dr. Caccavale also holds an academic position at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School as a Clinical Associate Professor.

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Jean-Philippe Bocage, M.D.
Dr. Jean-Philippe Bocage

Dr. Bocage is board certified by the American Board of Thoracic Surgery in general thoracic surgery, specializing in minimally invasive thoracic surgery and thoracic oncology. Dr. Bocage currently serves as the Chief of Thoracic Surgery at St. Peter’s University Hospital He also holds a position at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School as a Clinical Associate Professor.

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At Thoracic Group, we provide a variety of services for thoracic conditions, including:

  • Lung cancer: Using the minimally invasive thoracic surgery VATS, our award-winning surgical team will treat this debilitating condition that is most commonly found in current and former smokers.
  • Second opinion: At Thoracic Group, we specialize in providing patients who’ve been diagnosed with cancer or other life threatening conditions with a second opinion. Based on the patient’s diagnosis, we discuss what specific treatment options are right for you.
  • Hyperhidrosis: A condition where the palms of the hand sweat excessively, Thoracic Group has a 98% success rate for curing this disorder using the VATS procedure.
  • Myasthenia Gravis (MG): Myasthenia gravis is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes muscle exhaustion and weakness. Eighty percent of patients who have undergone a VATS thymectomy performed by Thoracic Group have achieved complete resolution of symptoms with minimal recovery time.

Getting to our Freehold Office

Patients in Manalapan can visit our office in Freehold on the CentraState Medical Center campus.

From Manalapan, take Route 9 South to Route 537 West for .5 miles. Our office is located on the right-hand side.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at (732) 637-6348 or fill out our contact form.